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Thompson Family :: Long Beach Family Photographer

Uyen + So + Adeline sure make for a perfect family! So much that after this shoot, hubby whispered to me that he wants to have a baby girl! Uhhh ok pressure much?!? 😛

Although we moved to Long Beach over a year ago, truth is we haven’t explored much of this beautiful city. When Uyen told me that her parents live in Long Beach and she would like to have the photoshoot around here, I made it my mission to check out several close by parks. We ended up in downtown at Shoreline Park and had the best time checking out the harbor, lighthouse, and adjacent restaurants. We must come back next time to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific!

Uyen, So, and Adeline, we had a blast capturing your family on camera and wish you love and laughter always!

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kids and family

Milan’s 5th Birthday :: Children Tea Party

I called Milan earlier this morning to wish her a happy birthday and she responded with “HAPPY….” before catching herself and changed it to a “YAYYYY” instead! :) Milan is my niece but really, if I were to have my own kids, I know I couldn’t love them any more than I love this kid. And it’s not just me, my entire family is putty in her hands and she knows it. :) I wish I had time to put together a more eloquent post but here are just a few random things about her that pop into mind right about now:

– When Milan was first born, I didn’t know how to bond with her. She was this adorable but fragile child who didn’t know who I was and all we did were staring contests. I looked at her, she looked at me, she probably cried haha and that was it. Not until she was a little older (maybe 6+ months or so), when she was more “interactive” that we took to each other. Now I can’t go a day without thinking about her and always find myself chuckling at some silly thing she said or did when we were together.

– Even though I babysat Milan a few times a week while her mama was in school, I never once changed her diaper! I don’t even know how I got away with that cuz you know, children go quite often. One time, she was stinking sooooo bad I couldn’t take it and almost mustered up the courage to stop breathing for 5 minutes and get it over with, but then my dad came home and took over diaper duty. Phewww! I’m pretty sure our marriage contract states that Phong is 100% responsible for that task in the future. 😉

– Milan is not at all subtle at giving hints and I call it passive aggressiveness but my sister doesn’t agree with that word. For example, my brother was drinking an oreo shake from McDonald’s and I know Milan reallllyyyyyy wanted some but she refused to come out and ask for a sip. Instead, she whispered innocently: “I’ve never had that drink before, I wonderrrr how it tastes like” haha. Sometimes I pretend to ignore her and she keeps coming up with the most creative ways to broach the subject until I hoot with laughter and finally give in.

– When Milan grows up, she either wants to work at a restaurant (probably In-n-Out) or be a doctor. She’s gotten pretty good at taking In-n-Out orders from us, let’s just hope she gets all that out of her system now. 😉

I moved to LB over a year ago and the hardest adjustment is not seeing her I make it a point to visit at least once every 1-2 weeks and that girl makes me stay longer than I’m supposed to. We go on a date each time and always at either Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, or Woodranch BBQ and no other restaurants have made it into her “pattern” yet *sigh*. Each goodbye was hard and almost teary but it’s gotten better over time; I’m not that much of a baby anymore! 😛 Simply being her aunty Trini is one of the biggest joys in my life and on Milan’s 5th birthday, I wish that she always loves and be loved. Can’t wait to squeeze her tight tonight! <3

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Heirloom Wedding Flush Mount Album

Several of my clients have asked me “what is a flush mount album?” and instead of rambling on, I decided to save my thousand words and show you these pictures instead! 😉 Trust me, prior to wedding planning and getting married, I had no clue what it is either! I understand that in this age and day, most of us prefer to have digital images to share with friends and family online, but there’s something to be said about holding a tangible photo album in your hands. After trying out a few different professional printing labs, I have found a product that I’m proud to offer my clients and here’s my new sample wedding album!

flush-mount-album-2 flush-mount-album-3
The chosen 12×12 panorama style extends across the entire spread (no split at the spine) for an elegant and seamless look. Each page is 1/16″ thick and is personally designed by me. Cover options include genuine leather, linen, or silk in a multitude of colors and can be foil embossed (shown on lavender cover at the end of this post) or blind embossed (shown on gray album cover).

flush-mount-album-4 flush-mount-album-5 flush-mount-album-6 flush-mount-album-7
Because of my love for all things tangible, I decided to include a coffee table album book in my portrait packages (family, maternity, boudoir etc.). The bonded leather, 8×8 lay flat album (below) is chic and portable–you can quickly whip it out and show off your beautiful photo! I am a total sucker for paper goods and pretty packagings and fine art collections, so you can be sure there will be additional offerings of beautiful and quality products in the near future!

flush-mount-album-8 flush-mount-album-9 flush-mount-album-11 flush-mount-album-12 flush-mount-album-13