A Romantic Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot :: Los Angeles Wedding Photography

How breathtakingly beautiful is this inspired rustic ranch wedding photoshoot? I love every single detail from the DIY wedding gown, gorgeous flowers and tablescape, to the flowy calligraphy and majestic white horse! A romantic ranch wedding can simply do no wrong in my book.

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I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the sweetest and kindest friends for lending your enormous talents to this photoshoot. Kisses to all–you are so loved by me.

Concept and Design: Trini Mai // Stylist: Katherine Dao // Lovebirds: Stella + Derek // Flowers: SignatureK Events & Flowers // Calligraphy: Alana Yarbrough // Hair and Makeup: Jenny Ha // Chairs: Better Choice Flowers // Bride’s Dress: DIY by co Trang + Katherine Dao // Cake: Sweet Nothings Cake Shop (thanks to my friend Liz Kagawa for the contact) // Coordinator: Kelly Duprat Wedding Planner // Photography: Trini Mai Photography


Red Soles and Lace :: Bridal Christian Louboutins

…naughty or nice? 😉



Happy Birthday, Yen!!!

Wishing my little sister a very happy birthday today! Isn’t she so beautiful?

Dear Yen,

What I remember most about you is our time spent together during our childhood in Vietnam. My memories with you started even before you were born. When mom was pregnant with you, she was always craving for “banh cam” which means the rest of us children also got to enjoy them with her (and it was a luxury back then!) When you were born, mom had to go away for business every few weeks so I had to take over many duties caring for you, feeding you, and even changing your diapers (yuck!) And when it was time for you to go off to kindergarten, we couldn’t part with you so every day at lunch time, Trieu, Nhan, and I lurked around your school to secretly give you snacks because you hated cafeteria food. You know how parents always say that no matter how old the children are, they will always be kids in their eyes? Well, in a way I feel like that with you. You will always be my kid sister and I love you. Happy birthday and may your life always be blessed with abundance of love and laughter.

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