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Happy Birthday, Yen!!!

Wishing my little sister a very happy birthday today! Isn’t she so beautiful?

Dear Yen,

What I remember most about you is our time spent together during our childhood in Vietnam. My memories with you started even before you were born. When mom was pregnant with you, she was always craving for “banh cam” which means the rest of us children also got to enjoy them with her (and it was a luxury back then!) When you were born, mom had to go away for business every few weeks so I had to take over many duties caring for you, feeding you, and even changing your diapers (yuck!) And when it was time for you to go off to kindergarten, we couldn’t part with you so every day at lunch time, Trieu, Nhan, and I lurked around your school to secretly give you snacks because you hated cafeteria food. You know how parents always say that no matter how old the children are, they will always be kids in their eyes? Well, in a way I feel like that with you. You will always be my kid sister and I love you. Happy birthday and may your life always be blessed with abundance of love and laughter.

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Khanh + Toan :: Malibu Engagement Photography

This post has been a long time coming because these two lovebirds have been happily married since last September! Khanh and Toan are the very first couple that I photographed, so naturally they will always have a special place in my heart. I was a bit apprehensive leading up to this and even brought my hubby along for moral support. Turned out I didn’t have much to worry about as we laughed our way through the entire session, and even more laughter followed later over yummy Korean BBQ dinner. 🙂 I told Toan the other day that I’m using some of their photos for my website, and he replied with: “Don’t put my pictures on there, you’re gonna lose customers haha.” What a silly and goofy guy! Khanh and Toan, my dear friends, I hope your life together will be filled with joy, laughter, and lots of love.

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