Quynh + Huy :: Malibu Vineyard Engagement Photography

Sweet couple, check. Vineyard, check. Lavender…omg…did you say lavender? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

I documented Quynh & Huy’s engagement on a very hot and sunny day while a gazillion bees swarmed around us, yet we escaped mostly unharmed. Malibu wine country makes for the perfect backdrop for this nature-loving couple. While planning for the shoot, they left it up to me to choose the location as long as it’s surrounded by trees and nature. I think I did an okay job right? 😉

Quynh & Huy are currently geographically separated by a few state lines  and I can’t wait until they’re husband and wife so they can be reunited for good! Quynh and Huy, much love to you now and always–I already know the future holds many exciting things for you two. <3

quynh_huy_1 quynh_huy_2 quynh_huy_3 quynh_huy_4 quynh_huy_5 quynh_huy_6 quynh_huy_7 quynh_huy_8 quynh_huy_9 quynh_huy_10 quynh_huy_11 quynh_huy_12 quynh_huy_13 quynh_huy_14 quynh_huy_15


Bridal Boudoir :: Los Angeles Boudoir Photography

When it comes to boudoir photography, I tend to embrace the more feminine, romantic, and delicate sensuality over outright sexy. I’m pretty much a prude, but there’s something about capturing the beauty/vulnerability/shyness/confidence/all of the above plus more that is so empowering to both the photographer and photographee. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and see. 😉 Have a boudoir session done for your husband-to-be and see his jaw drops to the floor…or have one done just to celebrate your beautiful self. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for how fabulous you will look and feel! 🙂

bridal_boudoir_5 bridal_boudoir_1-4 bridal_boudoir_11 bridal_boudoir_27 copy bridal_boudoir_12 bridal_boudoir_26 copy bridal_boudoir_23 copy bridal_boudoir_35 bridal_boudoir_41 copy bridal_boudoir_127 copy bridal_boudoir_112 bridal_boudoir_122 copy bridal_boudoir_126 copy bridal_boudoir_88


A Romantic Ranch Wedding Styled Shoot :: Los Angeles Wedding Photography

How breathtakingly beautiful is this inspired rustic ranch wedding photoshoot? I love every single detail from the DIY wedding gown, gorgeous flowers and tablescape, to the flowy calligraphy and majestic white horse! A romantic ranch wedding can simply do no wrong in my book.

los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding29 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-26 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding117 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-5 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-6 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding255 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding118 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-8 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-29 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding96 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding2-11 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding186 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding153 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-12 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-30 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding4-5 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding2-10 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-27 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding91 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-19 2 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding289 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding302 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding297 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding314 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding329 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding341 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding1-22 los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding350 copy los_angeles_romantic_ranch_wedding2-3
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the sweetest and kindest friends for lending your enormous talents to this photoshoot. Kisses to all–you are so loved by me.

Concept and Design: Trini Mai // Stylist: Katherine Dao // Lovebirds: Stella + Derek // Flowers: SignatureK Events & Flowers // Calligraphy: Alana Yarbrough // Hair and Makeup: Jenny Ha // Chairs: Better Choice Flowers // Bride’s Dress: DIY by co Trang + Katherine Dao // Cake: Sweet Nothings Cake Shop (thanks to my friend Liz Kagawa for the contact) // Coordinator: Kelly Duprat Wedding Planner // Photography: Trini Mai Photography