Pink Christmas Tree Decorations

Every year I tell myself this will be the year I post a few Christmas photos on the blog…but somehow Christmas came and went in a blink of an eye before I had a chance to do anything. Since this is Siena’s first Christmas and it’s the first time we’re doing Christmas cards, I figure now’s a good time as any to snap a few additional photos for the blog. And can you believe it with all these pink Christmas tree decorations!?! I hope baby girl knows how special she is. 😉

pink-and-gold-christmas-decorations vintage-pink-christmas-tree
I love decorating for the holidays and try to do a different theme each year. In honor of our princess, everything is pink pink and pink! Whenever she wears any other color, she’s always mistaken for a boy so pink has taken over our lives. My niece, Milan, stayed with us for a week during her Thanksgiving break and was the best little helper diy-ing the crown ornaments with auntie Trini. We wasted bottles of glue, had glitter stuck on us for days, but spending time with her is the best. She said she wants to do a pink tree at her house next year for cousin Siena. Awww I love my two little girls!

pink-christmas-tree-decorations ballerina-christmas-tree pink-and-silver-christmas-decorations

reindeer-headband pink-christmas-decorations mistletoe
Hubby and I now have a romantic table to dine at all season long…even though we’ll probably be eating take-outs and frozen dinners…but who cares right? It’s all about that ambiance. Maybe we’ll keep the fancy setting year-round so every meal can be special. 😉

christmas-table-setting target-gold-flatware christmas-dinner-table baby-pink-ballerina-outfit reindeer-antler-headbands baby-ballerina-skirt babys-first-family-christmas-card pink-christmas-ornaments
Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year! Thank you for following along with us and hope to bring you more beautiful photos to look at in 2017! 🙂


Garden Roses


Office & Reading Nook

reading nook design
As you may know, we photographers work from our home office quite a bit. Since it is how I spend a big chunk of my day, I wanted to create a bright, cozy, and inspiring space where I can feel happy and productive every time I step into it. Let me just stop for a sec here to say that I love love LOVE my husband! I frequently approach him with outlandish requests and he would look at me like I’m nuts, but in the end, he always pulls through. I’ve dreamed of having a reading nook even before we got a house and hubby made it happen, from a blank wall into this with his own two hands! I mean, how lucky am I?!?

cozy reading nook
Above: starting the day right before I dive into more tedious tasks. 😉 Below: I had these frames sitting around from our wedding and decided to turn them into a gallery with quotes I love. I had fun designing them and even did the gold foil myself.

home office ideas pretty office nook diy reading nook office reading nook reading nook pinterest reading nook ideas
And here is the hubby reveling in his handiwork. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my little office & reading nook. We have plans to add more DIY work to another corner but it might be a while before we commence. Will definitely update if/when we do! 🙂