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Malibu Engagement Photography :: Diem + Trieu

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My little (but not so little) brother is getting married!!! After 10 years of being together, it’s well past time I say! I remember when they first started going out and Trieu was asking me what I thought of his “friend” (Diem, I promise I said all good things lol), and next thing I know I’m helping him pick out an engagement ring. Well, next thing in this case = 10 years. 😛 It’s weird for me to say mushy stuff about my brother but he truly is one of the good GOOD guys and it doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda good looking too. Haha. Diem, you’ve been like family for a long time, but now it’s official! We are overjoyed for the both of you and look forward to getting a little tipsy at your wedding. 😉

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To be honest, I felt a bit weird prior to the photoshoot cuz you know, there will be kissing poses, and ewwwwww I do not want to see that from my brother…but once we got started, my work mode kicked in and I zoned out the rest. So in the end, no gagging occurred on my part haha. Special thanks to Vincent Tran Makeup Artist for making Diem extra beautiful and Flower Allie for her gorgeus bouquet. Of course I can’t forget my sweet friend, Mary, for lending us her settee. Kisses to all. <3

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Malibu Engagement Photos :: Tuyet + Thuan

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You know how SoCal has one of the most mild weather year-round right? Well, for the last 4 photoshoots, the weather god has not been on my side! We were constantly threatened by wind and rain and dark scary clouds but thankfully we pulled through anyway. It’s been raining a lot lately so my weather app is being put to good use, with me checking every few hours whenever I have a shoot scheduled. My hubby is becoming an expert at watching dark clouds and making comments like “oh, that’s a small patch of clouds and it’s heading this way but the rain should pass in 15 minutes.” Haha! Although the forecast was nice and sunny all week long, the day before Tuyet & Thuan’s photoshoot, chance of rain suddenly became very high. We decided to move the photoshoot to early morning, and poor Tuyet had to wake up at 3am (gasp!) to get her makeup done. And guess what, there was zero rain that day…zilch…nada. Urghh seriously?!? But thank you Tuyet and Thuan for being so sweet and accommodating and up for anything. 🙂 Doesn’t Tuyet look so lovely in this Nha Khanh dress?

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Special thanks to Duy Ly for doing Tuyet’s hair and makeup and Better Choice Flower for her bouquet. Congratulations Tuyet & Thuan and we look forward to seeing you exchanging vows this summer! 🙂


Quynh + Huy :: Malibu Vineyard Engagement Photography

Sweet couple, check. Vineyard, check. Lavender…omg…did you say lavender? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

I documented Quynh & Huy’s engagement on a very hot and sunny day while a gazillion bees swarmed around us, yet we escaped mostly unharmed. Malibu wine country makes for the perfect backdrop for this nature-loving couple. While planning for the shoot, they left it up to me to choose the location as long as it’s surrounded by trees and nature. I think I did an okay job right? 😉

Quynh & Huy are currently geographically separated by a few state lines  and I can’t wait until they’re husband and wife so they can be reunited for good! Quynh and Huy, much love to you now and always–I already know the future holds many exciting things for you two. <3

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