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Mary + Thang :: Wedding Anniversary Portraits

Today, Mary & Thang are celebrating 5 strong years of wedded bliss. They met 12 years ago while helping out at a confirmation retreat and I can only imagine sparks flying and Thang being all googly-eyed while stealing glances at the pretty girl in front of him. I mean, that’s what really happened right?!? Or…knowing Thang…he probably used his humor and silliness woo Mary over. Smooth, very smooth! 😉

I met Mary a few years ago at a youth leadership camp and we bonded while working together to defeat the other teams. 😛 Mary is a sweet, kind-hearted, and one very classy lady. These lovebirds are now parents to two little boys (Jaden & Nolan are SOOOO cute and well-behaved!!!!) and I love seeing their family grow together in faith. Mary and Thang, we are so honored to have documented this special time in your life and wish you two more love, more fun, more silliness each and every day.

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And of course…I can’t end this post without some crazy goofiness during the photoshoot. I think we spent more time laughing than actually taking pictures. 😀