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Cape Cod Vacation

Hubby and I took a trip to the East Coast last fall and I’m now finally going through the photos. I used to be on top of these things but editing clients’ photos definitely comes before our own hehe. From Boston, we rented a car and drove ~1.5-2 hours before reaching Cape Cod. To me, Cape Cod is the ultimate relaxing vacation offering a slow-paced life, quaint town, maritime character, and lovely beaches. There’s a very serene and old-world feel here that’s probably more fit for the “older” souls likes us. 😀 This was our second time on the Cape and we didn’t have any specific destinations in mind except to see a few lighthouses, windmills, and finally, indulge in lobsters. Check, check, and check!

While driving by Pleasant Bay, I excitedly made hubby bust a U-turn as soon as I spot a dock full of beautiful boats. I seriously have a thing for cute little boats! To think of it, I have a “thing” for lots of things. 😀 Sigh…

cape-cod-77 cape-cod-68 cape-cod-75 cape-cod-67 cape-cod-72 cape-cod-64 cape-cod-80
We drove on to see Chatham Lighthouse and spent the next hour roaming the beach right across the street.

cape-cod-1-3 cape-cod-57 cape-cod-56 cape-cod-49
We chose Chatham Pier Fish Market for a quick lunch stop but unfortunately it wasn’t open that day. Phong struck up a conversation with a fisherman for what seemed like 30 minutes while my tummy was growling so I passed the time wandering around the pier in solitude. How breathtaking is the scenery!

cape-cod-44 cape-cod-38 cape-cod-45 cape-cod-36
Food was never far from my mind, but I wanted to spend the afternoon in Eastham so we drove a bit to get to Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar. The sweet cashier saw our camera and we spent some time chatting about photography. She wanted me to write down the make and model of my camera and so she can save up money for one. 🙂


White hydrangeas madness…oh yes I’m trying to replicate this for our home.

Eastham Windmill is believed to be the oldest and last working windmill in Cape Cod. I felt a great reverence looking up at this wonderful piece of history.
We circled back to our last stop at the Nauset Beach Light House. The last time we were here, we experienced the most beautiful pink sunset. Unfortunately it was cold and cloudy this day so our time was cut short when it started drizzling.

cape-cod-19 cape-cod-17
Hope you enjoyed following along with us! 🙂


Summer in Santa Barbara

Isn’t it strange that UCSB is dubbed as the “party school,” yet once I stepped into Santa Barbara, all I feel and see are tranquility and a relaxed lifestyle that one envies. I must have very eclectic taste because I love the hustle and bustle of big cities like New York and San Francisco as much as the small town feel of Santa Barbara and beyond. That just means I have the whole world at my feet and there’s more to explore right? 😉

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We saw many cute ponies and goats everywhere and couldn’t help but stop to pet and watch them play.

I remember my sister telling me about a u pick berries around Solvang so I pulled out my trusty Yelp app to look for the closest location. Morrell Nut & Berry Farm was only a few miles from where we were so we rolled up our sleeves and lived the farm life for a few hours. Ok well not really, we basically roamed around the farm and picked a couple boxes of raspberries and blackberries but it was fun! Not to mention that the blackberries were so delicious, wish I picked more than just one box!

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San Francisco Road Trip

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to visit, and truth is I love the journey up there as much as the city itself. A couple of months ago, hubby and I were 2nd shooting a wedding up North and we decided to go make a road trip out of it. Any excuse for a mini-vacay! Coming from Los Angeles, it took us a good 12 hours before reaching our destination because we literally stopped every hour or so to take in the scenery. Nothing soothes my soul like a scenic drive through quaint towns, rolling hills, beautiful beaches, and clear skies with my love.

I would like to apologize for the gazillion photos of me that I’m about to unleash upon you. 😛 Getting my hubby to stand still for longer than 5 seconds is like pulling teeth, so between the two of us, I guess I was the more willing model. Hope you enjoy cruising along with us.

san_francisco_1 san_francisco_2 san_francisco_3 san_francisco_4 san_francisco_5 san_francisco_6 san_francisco_7 san_francisco_8 san_francisco_9 san_francisco_10 san_francisco_11 san_francisco_12 san_francisco_13 san_francisco_14 san_francisco_15 san_francisco_16 san_francisco_17 san_francisco_18 san_francisco_19